Getting a Prescription

One of the reasons a person might visit their physician is to obtain medication to help them get over an illness. There is nothing wrong with this action, and it is a good precautionary step. There is generally a diagnostic phase where the doctor will determine the actual illness, and they can often provide medicine to help the person to recover. Getting a prescription is needed in some cases, but not all patients will require one.

There are some old-fashioned remedies that may be as good or better than a modern prescription. Strep throat has been around for many centuries, and it can often be alleviated by gargling with warm salt water three times per day for about a week. Many people today ask their doctor for antibiotics for this condition. Either one will help a person get over strep in about a week, and foregoing the prescription can make the body stronger as it fights it off.

Some people insist on getting a prescription for this type of condition, and doctors often give in. The need for medical treatment can save lives, but prescribing unnecessary medications can have a negative effect over time. When the body is not allowed to fight off infections, it may have a weaker immune system. This can then require a patient to get stronger prescriptions over time.

The cycle of illness such as this is one that has many modern scientists and professionals in the medical field concerned. They urge physicians to prescribe only antibiotics that are medically necessary. Helping the body fight off an infection should be done when the body truly needs help instead of as a matter of normal business. An immune system that is not exercised on a regular basis by fighting off infection could be one that becomes weak when strength is truly needed.