Healing Naturally

Life is full of dangers, and many of them lurk at the microscopic level. Germs, bacteria, and viruses surround the world, and they can attack any person whenever contact is made. Most of these can be fought off by the body’s immune system successfully, but some will be able to take root and cause illness. While it may seem best to use medicine to get over every illness, healing naturally can be a good way to strengthen the body’s immune system.

Strep throat has been with mankind for a long time. It is one of the ways the body can be caught by an illness, yet it is not as serious as some. It generally lasts about a week, and it can be fought off without the use of prescription medication. The old-fashioned way to fight it off was to gargle three times per day with warm salt water. This has been eclipsed in recent decades by people demanding antibiotics, and many doctors give in to their patients.

One of the reasons this is a dangerous cycle is that strep throat is a bacterial infection that can be treated without medication. Using antibiotics to treat it may lessen the body’s response mechanisms the next time it is encountered. The other danger is that those who do not take the entire prescription can help the bacteria develop a defence against the immune system and the antibiotic. This can make it more dangerous over time.

Healing naturally is about using the least amount of medication to allow the body’s own mechanisms to defend it. While it may be uncomfortable at times, it is a good way to strengthen the immune system. This also leaves medicines that can help fight illnesses from bacteria, germs, and viruses to be more effective. Saving the antibiotics for times when the body is truly unable to fight is the best use of the immune system and prescription medications.