The Effects of Medication

When a person is truly ill and in need of help, their doctor may write a prescription to alleviate the cause. This is often the most helpful way to get a person back to a functional life. It can also be a way to discover what a person can tolerate putting into their body. Many medications today have a long list of side effects, and they can become an issue all their own over time. Doctors can generally prescribe another medication to deal with the side effects, but keeping track of them is where the problem often multiplies.

A person suffering from an illness may need a particular prescription to get over it. The medication they are given could cause them to be nauseous. The need to eat when ill is often an important component of recovering. The patient may be given another prescription to deal with the nausea. Everything may be fine, but there could be future consequences.

Patients may not always have a clear understanding of why they have been given a particular medication. The person taking medication for nausea may not understand they should stop as soon as their other course of medication is completed. Continuing to take a medication they do not need could cause other issues such as dizziness, insomnia, or it might make their food taste strange. All of these are yet more side effects.

When the cause of all these issues is not quite apparent to the doctor or the patient, there may be yet another medication added. This can cause yet more side effects. That medicine might not be necessary if either the doctor or patient realized the medicine to control nausea is no longer needed, but that information sometimes gets lost or misunderstood. It can create years of physical misery for the patient through a simple misunderstanding.